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My Worst Body Parts!!!

Thought I'd talk out some of my insecurities about my body right here on my public, extremely popular personal blog!!! That's what blogs are for, right? Being a diary!!!

1. My arms. (They are disproportionately fat compared to the rest of my body.)

2. My feet. (They are seriously disgusting. Plantar warts all over. And people make fun of how small they are.)

3. My skin. (It is just a wreck, eczema and dryness everywhere... except for my face. My face skin is actually flawless honestly.)

4. My stomach. (Food just sticks to it no matter what I do. No matter what.)

5. My fingernails. (I've bitten them ever since I can remember and they look like stubby little shards of plastic.)

6. My hair. (It's super frizzy and dumb.)

7. My jaw. (It clicks when I eat.)

8. My teeth. (I was over-fluoridated as a child so they are spotty and I never had braces so they're crooked.)

9. My nose. (Why do you think I got a septum piercing? It's to correct my deviated septum.)

10. My eyebrows. (I've been trying to grow them in for legit a year and they're still patchy.)

11. My fingers. (They're so skinny, I can never find rings that fit.)

12. My ankles. (My mom told me they were fat when I was 12.)

13. My wrists. (They crack, and people make fun of how skinny they are.)

14. My hands. (People make fun of how small they are.)

15. My elbows. (My dad has these weird round balls on the tips of his elbows so I'm probably going to get those.)

16. My armpits. (The skin is bumpy and they're fat.)

17. My bellybutton. (There's a gross skin tag inside of it that I've tried to rip off and it just gave me another one next to it.)

18. My crotch. (I don't know anyone who's like proud of their crotch, but ever since I started getting Brazilian waxes, I've had these were skin tags where my left thigh meets my crotch. And so many ingrown hairs.)

19. My ears. (When I was in high school I got two cartilage piercings and one got infected and I had to take it out. Wtf, ear?)

20. My thighs. (There are stretch marks all over them.)

That's it for this time. I'm trying to keep the negativity to a minimum.


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