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My sick band, The Dons, are playing at The Shrine in Harlem! Now, I know what you're thinking: "Eileen, you just moved to Greenpoint! And now I have to go all the way to Harlem to watch your shows?! That is so inconvenient for me since I, too, live in Brooklyn." Well, it just so happens that most of my friends live in Washington Heights which is super close to Harlem! So ha, joke's on you!! You're not my real friend!!!

Our show is on Wednesday, August 29th at 10pm. I know, I know: "Eileen, 10pm on a Wednesday is way too late!! I work a 9-5 Monday through Friday and a show that begins at 10pm is just way too late for me!!! It will make it so hard to go to work the next day! How could you do this?!" SHUT UP because most of my friends work in the service industry or in retail and rarely work before noon!!!! So stop acting like you know me at all!!!

The Dons just released our EP "Affogato" and it is available on our website for $5. Alright, alright already: "Eileen, I do not have $5 to spare!!! I, like you, am a starving artist!!! I need my $5 every morning so that I can buy a latte so that I can sit in a coffee shop and do "work" on my laptop for 4 hours!!! Don't you have it streaming on Spotify, the only thing I know how to use?!" It just so happens that my REAL friends know the VALUE of MUSIC that will MOVE you to your CORE and would WILLINGLY give me $5 to do my ART!!!! So go home, faker!!!! But also, yes, it will be streaming on Spotify at some point in the near future, which I will, of course, notify you all about the moment it happens.

Come see The Dons Wednesday, August 29th at 10pm at The Shrine (in HARLEM)!!!

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